Case 115 : Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) , Liposuction of waist and abdomen




This patient is a 51 year old mother of three who came to me after having two vertical incision C-sections. She wanted a smoother and flatter abdomen. We discussed abdominoplasty as a way to remove that scar and to give her a flatter abdomen.

I proceeded with a full abdominolpasty removing most of her lower abdominal skin that included her vertical C-section scar. I repaired her abdominal wall by plicating her rectus muscles. SHe also had liposuction of her waist. She went home the day of her surgery.

Her post operative course was straightforward. She was able to return to light activity at work in two weeks. She was pleased with her outcome and new tummy that did not have the vertical scar. 

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