I often think that my professional journey in medicine started when I was very young.  For as long as I can remember, I wanted to know how things worked.  This was particularly important to me when it came to the human body.

     Once I finished high school in Logan, Utah, I moved to the Bay area.  I studied Biochemistry at San Jose State University.  I graduated with great distinction, earning the Merck Index Award in Biochemistry.  At San Jose State University, I had the pleasure of mentorship from Professor Emeritus Dr. Leon Yengoyan.  Through his mentorship, I not only learned the importance of research but also the value of role models and teaching.  It has remained with me since.  Simultaneously, I worked at the Urology Laboratory at Stanford University Hospital were I was exposed to the daily functioning of hospitals and clinics.

     I started my graduate medical education at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine in 1991.  Two years were spent studying the fundamentals of medicine and an additional two years of hands on clinical rotations.  I had the luxury of learning from masters such as Jonas T Johnson MD, Eugene N Myers MD and Carl H Snyderman MD.  My vision of a true gentleman surgeon was formed by interactions with these physicians.  I received the Kenneth H Hinderer MD Memorial Award for Otolaryngology in 1995.

     My surgical training began at Downstate Medical Center in the Department of Otolaryngology under the Chairmanship of Frank E Lucente MD.  I learned how to be a true surgeon and doctor from distinguished faculty including Gady Har-El MD, Jon B Turk MD, Richard Rosenfeld MD and Krishnamurthi Sundaram MD.  As I was completing my training in Head and Neck Surgery, my exposure to plastic and reconstructive surgery lead me to pursue further training in that discipline.

     I continued my training in Plastic Surgery at Downstate Medical Center which formed the foundation that has helped me learn and grow as a surgeon and a person.  I was mentored by outstanding surgeons such as David L Abramson MD, Malcolm Roth MD, Sominder Sandhu MD and Armen Kasabian MD.  At graduation, I received the Inchul Song MD Award.

     Staying on staff at Downstate Medical Center, for 12 years, I served as the Chief of Plastic Surgery at Kings County Hospital Center (a large city hospital) and Long Island College Hospital (a 400 bed private hospital).  I developed a large private practice as well as a teaching practice at both hospitals. 

     I have now relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area and looking forward to sharing my experiences and practice with you.

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